Commodity prices globally

Oversupply, more expensive dollar, the expected interest rate rise that is worrying investors and the fact that no serious reduction of demand are the main factors that influenced commodity prices globally in 2015. It commented Chief Investment Consultant and the dealer “International financial markets” in the market weekly recap show.
“This year oil dragged almost all commodities and precious metals. Recently fall and the metal is due to the fall of oil prices, as oil in particular is emerging crisis of oversupply, as yields worldwide are highly inflated, which discourages investors in making investment decisions. ”
He described oversupply as the most important factor, but added the increase in interest rates, which worried investors, and the more expensive dollar as others that affect the prices of all commodities, only oil.
“The key point is that we have such a serious decrease in demand, what it should look in times of crisis, despite some weak data from China, the weak performance of the US in many respects and Europe. It speaks of weak demand growth, but not as much as had optimistic expectations “, adding that at the moment we see re-balancing of supply and demand.